Everyones Doin’ It – Wearin’ Cool Belts

OK, this might be old news for some of you, but belts are important these days. They are a fashion statement a way to show some style. In case you wear a belt like this:


You may want to consider an upgrade… everyones doin’ it.

This is your standard studded belt. Pretty much every 16 year old boy has at least one of these.


I wasn’t a big fan of the studded one. So I decided to go with this one. My club kids helped me pick it out at Pac Sun.


It is a little more interesting than the studded one. Also it is a neutral color so I can wear it with a lot of clothes, which is good because I only plan on buying one “cool” belt. It is too expensive to buy “cool” stuff all the time.

Do you have a cool belt? If you are under 25 you probably already have a couple. If you are 25-25 you should get one. If you are over 35 it might look like you are trying too hard to fit in.

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