Lettuce Turnip Club


Turnip for what! One person on the internet slightly smiled at that joke. That person will love this club.

A little while back it was difficult to find ideas for clubs. Now there are lots and lots of ideas to be found. Because of this I don’t post many club plans anymore. But, if an idea is great, or in this case just quite unusual, then I pass it along.

One of our leaders had an idea to have a club which revolved around lettuce and turnips. Yup. So that is what we did. In all honesty lettuce volleyball was really difficult. We found out that a head of lettuce pretty much explodes into nothingness when you try to hit it. My back yard looked like a lettuce explosion happened. The local birds and rabbits loved it for the next few days. It started smelling a bit so I ran my lawnmower to pick it all up. I’ve never mowed a lawn of lettuce before but now I can say that I have mowed a lawn of lettuce. Even after 20+ years of YL there are new things to experience!

We also made a video of a skit from SNL. Those that like dry humor enjoyed it.

This was one of those clubs that was so random that it was memorable. And… we got to tell kids about Jesus (that was our real plan all along).

You can get the full club plan HERE

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