Stinky Club


Ok, the real name of this club is “poop” club, but I just couldn’t allow myself to title the post with that. One of our great leaders (certainly not the same person in the picture above) has really really wanted to do this club for a long time. So due to his persistence we gave in. In the past I’ve given in to other ideas I wasn’t fond of, including Kentucky Derby Club, Harry Potter Club, Country Club, and others. But hey, it is all for the kids right? This sophomoric frivolity also balances out my nerdy academic theology side to complete confuse pretty much everyone I know. 

Hope this club doesn’t stink! Hey-o!

PS… As I am out of my local club for a little bit this semester I am posting all of our clubs each week (partially to remind my team haha!) If you want to fast forward and see them all then see this link. – Sean

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