Great video for discipleship and leadership

Volkswagen has recently put out some great commercials. When I saw this one I knew exactly how I could use it in YL.

The commercial captures a dad showing his son how to throw a baseball. It first shows the son throwing, and his throw and form are quite terrible. Then the dad gives some encouragement and tips (all of which are good tips by the way), and then the dad throws back the ball with equally terrible form with an equally terrible result. One of the unspoken messages is that the son is copying exactly what he sees… it is the dad who is off track.

There are a ton of ways to utilize this video for discipleship and leadership. Here is one idea that jumps out at me:

In 1 Cor. 11:1 Paul says, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” Paul was brave enough to say, ‘you can follow my example, because I am following Christ.’ This also implied that Paul was indeed following Christ. In discipleship we often reproduce ourselves whether we want to or not. In our region there is a very wise and influential staff person that ties his shoes a certain way during a conversation and tilts his head in a unique way… guess what? You will catch people who spend time with him doing the same thing from time to time. The same happens with our walk with Christ. More is caught than taught.

I would love to know how you could use this video. Almost like a “write the caption” contest for a picture… how could you use this video as an illustration?

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