Year-End Plans for Club

imageAfter months and months of club, you, your team, and your club kids might be ready for a change. Here are a couple ideas you can use in the last couple weeks of the school year:

1. Leader panel

This is mostly a replacement for the club talk. For more details see this post, complete with cards you can print out.

2. Senior led club

For this club we simply hand the club over to the seniors and say “you got it!” We make sure there are some junior leaders working on most of it. We ask one or two seniors to give their testimony at the end of the club. They always love this, just be sure to give them enough time to work on it, especially with how busy they get near graduation.

3. Best-of club

For this club we make a poster and put it out a few weeks in advance. Kids then vote on their favorite games and skits from the year. Then you simply re-do the ones that are their most favorite. You can find more details here, including a poster you can use.

4. Parent meeting

This could be a good time to have a parent meeting for camp. We normally do a final parent meeting a week or two before camp, but this could also be a time to make the most of parent’s curiosity to figure out what their kid has been going to all year long. I’ve found it best to have a brief meeting in a separate room while club starts, then let the parents peek in for a few minutes. I’m sure many of you have done other things. I’d love to hear more ideas on this.

5. Invite 8th graders

If you have a Wyldlife club in your area, this could be a good chance to “bridge the gap”, it could also be a “rite of passage” night for some students. I’d suggest they come with their WL leader, as many 8th graders would feel shy to go on their own. How great would it be if you asked your junior leaders, or key campaigner kids to go out of their way to welcome them to YL and to their new high school?

6. Senior awards night

Similar to a sports team party, you could give out awards for “MVP”, “most outgoing”, or things that relate more to YL…”loudest singer”, “most frequent Facebook/Twitter person”, “loudest laugh”, “brought the most friends”. Then you could do more meaningful ones as well, each leader could give an award along the lines of, “growth in Christ”, “serving others”, you could even give an award for each of the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). Also have a gift for every senior, even seniors who came for the first time, no matter how small.

What do you at the end of the year?

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