LumberJACKED! A Camp Sell Skit


I’ve done a few skits in my life and one thing I realized was that a key prop or outfit can make the whole thing work. One time I was doing a program for a YL camp and I simply went down to a fantastic costume store and decided I would just do a program around the best outfit I could find. I think that one ended up being a rapping parrot named P-Thug.

Anyway, I was online a few weeks ago and saw these and I instantly knew we had our camp sell skit. They are a bit expensive, but I bought two. It was worth it. They lent themselves perfectly to a lumberjack type of a skit. imageThat brought to mind the old SNL skit Hans and Franz.

So for our camp sell skit we adopted a bit of this Hans and Franz attitude. The skit is one experienced lumberjack (a skinnier guy), showing a rookie lumberjack (our biggest buffest leader)  how to make the cut (pun intended). One of their key lines is that they are going to be “Lumber-Jacked!” 

We are going to Malibu for the first time as a club ever this summer, so we have added a Canadian theme as well. Lots of “eh” and C-A-N-A-D-A jokes. Each week they come out and tell us how to prepare to come to Canada and how to get Lumber-Jacked for camp.

I’m sure you all could come up with some really cleaver ideas with these beanie-beard things. I’d love to hear your input to make our skit better!

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