What did you learn this year?

brain homer As the summer approaches fast, it is very helpful to look back and think about what we’ve learned. This gives praise to God and all that He has done. It is also being a good steward of our time, there is no reason we should keep repeating the same mistakes and there is every reason to repeat what works!

So I’d love to hear what worked for you in:

  • Club (plans, events, promotion)
  • Campaigners (times, places, format, what kind of studies, other things you did)
  • Camp (promotion, prep, at camp, camp followup)
  • Talks (illustrations, Bible stories, other ways to do talks, i.e.leader panel)
  • Contact Work (events, tips, success stories)
  • Leadership (recruitment, team meetings, helping each other grow)

Those are just a couple ideas. Let’s share! Over the summer I will post at least one thing I learned this year each week. So my question is…


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