5 Games That Might Be New To You Part 2

slurpee2Brain Freeze Race

Basically this is a race to see who can finish a 16 liter bucket of 7-11 Slurpee the fastest. You need 2 big buckets of Slurpee (7-11 will generally give you a good deal on the stuff) and however many straws you need for the team members. Two teams race against each other to drink their bucket first.

car_stuff_11 Car Stuff

Explain inside before going outside to driveway. Competition between sexes and classes. 30 seconds to get as many into, (not on) a small car. Then  pull them out and count. Remover rear-view mirror before. So fast it doesn’t hurt the car, honest!

milking-a-cowCow Milking Contest

Two guys sit facing the audience. Give each a pail to hold between their knees. Hold above them a broomstick to which you’ve tied two playtex rubber gloves filled with water. Punch a small hole in each finger tip. The guys milk the gloves.

ice_cube_7  Frozen T Shirt Contest

A day before you meet, take several t-shirts, wet them, fold them and then stick them into a freezer overnight. Immediately before the contest, remove the t-shirts from the freezer. The object of this contest is to be the first person to unfold the frozen t-shirt and put it on. This will take a couple minutes because the frozen t-shirts will not open right away. This game is especially fun if done outside during the summer, but you can do it anytime and anywhere.

feet Girls Sign Guy’s Feet

Five guys have three minuets to see how many girls they can get to sign their bare feet.

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