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Flashmob Club

In the words of legendary rocker David St. Hubbins, “It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.” Well that is pretty much how you can define a flashmob. As you may know, a flashmob is a coordinated group of people who assemble or perform in a public setting to […]

Clubble (Club in a Bubble)

I have yet another great resource from Hugh in North Carolina! In a past post I asked people for their input about weekend camp activities. Hugh mentioned the “Clubble”. The Clubble is Club in a bubble (of course). Basically imagine club in a huge plastic tent blown up by fans. […]

A Creative Club or Event Idea: Make a Movie

I love the creativity of YL and WL leaders! My friend Dougie from Canada (eh), and no that dance is not named after him… anyway he had a creative club event. He had his WL kids make a movie together. Below are the plans and resources that he used. Thanks […]