Contact Work Kickstart Worksheet

image Need to get a new leader up to speed with contact work and the school? We have used these questions below to help get things going. This could also be a great refresher for an experienced leader. You could also have a contest between leaders, pair them up in groups of two and see who can finish this first. Another way we have used this is at our All Area Leadership meetings. We play a Jeopardy style game with one representative from each club. The possibilities are endless. Not really, but it is fun to say they are.

Here is a worksheet you can download.

Here are the questions:

  1. Name the mascot of the school
  2. Name the principle of the school
  3. How many kids go to the school
  4. What is the major intersection near your school
  5. Name a student government kid at your school
  6. What is the approximate record of the school’s football team
  7. When is the next dance at the school
  8. What time does school start
  9. What time does school end
  10. What time is lunch
  11. What are the school colors
  12. Name 2 hangouts that your kids go to
  13. Name 2 teachers at the school
  14. What ethnic and racial groups are represented on the campus
  15. What other Christian clubs exist
  16. What is the name of a security guard on campus

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