1st 30 Days New Leader Checklist – Help!

image I want to put together a checklist for leaders in training. It would be a 1st 30 days new leader checklist. In other words, it would be a list of the most important things a leader could do to get a great start as a YL leader. Here are a couple ideas…


  1. Spend at least 10 minutes (maybe more?) in uninterrupted prayer about being a YL leader.
  2. Go alone to the school when few people are there and walk around praying for kids, teachers, YL leaders, and other Christian ministries on campus.
  3. Go to an after school event (Contact Work level 1)
  4. Meet a student who has never been to YL (Contact Work level 2)
  5. Join a leader in a hangout time with club kids (Contact Work level 3)
  6. Learn 5 names each of: campaigner kids, club kids, kids who don’t know anything about YL.
  7. Read “Back to the Basics of YL”.
  8. Plan how to do a club talk that is basically your testimony.
  9. Read through the Book of Mark and find at least 10 stories that you could use in club talks.
  10. Meet with a trusted friend or mentor and explain why you are interested in being a YL leader, ask them what they think about your decision.

I’d like to compile about 30-40 great ideas and then pair it down to 10-20.

Leave your ideas in the comments below. Thanks!

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