Photography tips on taking better pictures at YL events

image What do kids like pretty more than anything else? Pictures of themselves! Just check out Facebook… Wait it is called Face book, as in, I want to see my own face. Yes, that is the idea. Random tangent, I almost did a program skit recently that was going to be about my newest invention, “MyFace”, a new website that combines the best of both worlds, you can steal that idea if you want.


So right now there are so many pictures from our various YL and WL trips on Facebook right now I haven’t even begun to look at them. Honestly I just start with the ones I’ve been tagged in. So in the midst of a plethora of pictures, how can we stand out? Take better pictures. Some people spend a ton of money on new cameras, but really any camera will do a great job if you just know some simple rules of photography. My friend Alex, a leader in Cave Creek, put together an awesome overview of some tips. He is a great photographer and his skills really have been a great tool for his YL club. For you staff out there, I think it should be a required 1 hour training at NST, we take so many pictures in YL, we could make them so much better with just a little training. With all that said, here are Alex’s great tips…

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