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Jesus calls disciples When you are teaching scripture, it is critical to ask yourself, "What does God want them to know through this text?" We often are tempted to have an idea for a talk that we bring to the scripture rather than letting it speak for itself. Technically this is called eisegesis.

Trust me, when you get stuck trying to pick a scripture for a talk, you need to pick it early so you don’t force your idea into the scripture. You know you have done this if while doing your talk you have no idea how to transition into your challenge/main point.

Let the Bible speak for itself. Your explanation of the word should be the highlight of your talk, not your super funny intro story. Our strongest tool is a clear picture of Christ and nothing else.





Possible Themes

Calling of Mathew / Levi

Mt 9:9-13, Mk 2:14-17, Lk 5:27-32

Jesus asks Matthew, a tax collector, to follow him. Jesus eats with sinners.

How Jesus acted around “sinners”

Jairus’ daughter and the sick woman

Mt 9:18-26, Mk 5:22-43, Lk 8:41-56

Jairus, a ruler, asks Jesus to heal his daughter

Miraculous power, shame, touch, family

Jesus heals the blind and mute

Mt 9:27-34

Two blind men healed “do you believe I am able to do this?”

Faith, miraculous power

Healing on the Sabbath

Mt 12:1-14, Mk 2:23-28, 3:1-6,

Lk 6:1-11

Jesus heals a man with a shriveled hand in opposition to the Pharisees

Miraculous power, man’s worth

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