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80’s Workout Club

Get your neon gear and leg warmers out… it is time for 80’s workout club! It worked out pretty good (get it?). The only challenge was calming the kids down due to all the energetic events. We could have used another song or two before the talk that were a […]

Breakfast Club

Here is the club we are doing tonight. We will have different kinds of cereal out when kids can arrive to make their own bowl of cereal. Kids are dressing up in PJs. We also might have on some cartoons. We’ll see how it goes!

YouTube Club

Here is our plan for tomorrow. Should be interesting! I’m most excited about the skit. I’m sure some of you have used YouTube creatively for club. If you have any ideas, let me know! Here is the file and all the videos you need for this club:

Lots of Club Plans from YL Canada!

My friend Doug from YL Vancouver Island has contributed to YLHelp in the past and has sent me even more great stuff to share. Below are his club plans from last semester and the coming semester. He said that the plans are based around a G6-8 (WyldLife) club with notes […]

Ohio YL Club Entire Semester Plans

I’m so thankful that I’m getting more and more emails and suggestions from all of you out there! You are all really helping everyone out a ton. Including my clubs! Patrick from Wooster, Ohio sent me his plans from last semester. They include song selections too. I recognize pretty much […]

Olympics Club

The Olympics have always been a strong theme in YL. I’ve seen plenty of programs at camp utilize this theme. One of my favorite was “Speed and Power”. Speed was an overweight guy and Power was a super skinny guy. Gotta love that. I remember my first club skit in […]

Super Bowl Club

Since the Saints pretty much dominated the Cardinals, I’m gonna be rooting for the Saints in the big game. So this Monday we are going to do Super Bowl club with the Super Bowl being the following weekend. Our plans are posted below. Since we haven’t done the club yet, […]