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Hidden Valley Ranch Taste Test

Our club is finishing up the semester tonight with a Ugly Sweater Christmas party. We begin the night with Christmas cookies, my wonderful wife makes a bunch of cookies and then we let kids decorate them with icing and frosting. We try to keep it clean, but if you are […]

Young Life – YL Club

This might sound confusing, but follow along… last week we did Young Life, Young Life club. So basically a club with a “theme” of “Young Life”. We did this near the beginning of the semester to somewhat introduce some of the newer kids to a little intro to YL. We […]

Jerk Club

Who might be thinking, “jerk club”? I have a bunch of jerks in my club. Well, no I am talking about the dance called, “The Jerk”, or the “Reject” is what I think it is technically called. When I was at camp this summer, I noticed that tons of kids […]

Blue Club

Here is our “Blue” club. All the kids dressed in blue, good times! We used the cheap popsicles and just had blue ones at the end. Also we couldn’t find all blue M&Ms, so we had all the colors, but they only got “points” for blue ones. Blue Club

Yes, that is the meatiest hottest centaur you have ever seen huh? Think about it, combine the mass cultural demand for centaurs (among the crowd that lives in comic book stores on weekend nights for get-togethers) and the hip hop urban crowd and you pretty much have every single person […]