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Campaigner Ideas for the Fall Semester

In our club we start campaigners before we start club. I thought I’d run down some great campaigner options… 1. 1st 30 Quiet Times by Ty Saltzgiver – This is tried and tested resource that continues to be a great option. It is a great resource to give a kid […]

The Incredible Power of an Object Lesson – Winning a Superbowl?

This may be old news to you, but there was a pivotal moment in the New York Giant’s season that led to their Superbowl victory. Some would say that the moment had nothing to do with the X’s and O’s, or the coaching, the preparation, or anything like that. Some […]

This Year… Pray Big, Listen Hard

Over the summer I normally try to post a couple things that I learned over the previous school year. If you have anything you learned from last year that you would like to tell me about, send it my way smcgever (at) pv dot younglife dot org You know how […]

Resources for Biblical Interpretation Seminar at Western Division Student Staff Weekend

I recently had the privilege of teaching two seminar sessions on how to dig deeper in scripture at the YL Western Division Student Staff weekend. This is a topic I love to talk about, I even teach a class on it at a local university. Those who attended asked me […]

Great Tool for Making Scripture Cards

I was pointed to a site that is awesome for making scripture memory cards in a nice format. This could be helpful for leadership meetings, work crew training, campaigners. Basically it will format the cards for you in a nice format. It is called Verse Card Maker from Michael Scott, […]

When you are teaching scripture, it is critical to ask yourself, "What does God want them to know through this text?" We often are tempted to have an idea for a talk that we bring to the scripture rather than letting it speak for itself. Technically this is called eisegesis. […]