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Wyld Questions: A Booklet for Wyldlife Campaigners

Some of you know that I’ve put a few booklets together to help with campaigners and camp follow-up. Well, I have a new one called Wyld Questions. It is aimed at Wyldlife campaigners and I’ve been fortunate to have tried it out last summer in my area and also get […]

Campaigners Cards – TMS based question cards

One of my favorite tools is the Navigator TMS Topical Memory System. I recently had a need for some quick-hit verses and questions. I came up with these and I thought I’d share them with you. Just print them and cut them out. I have included 40 verses with a […]

Campaigners Chaos – Getting them to talk: Faces Handout

Sometimes you need to mix it up for campaigners. Here’s an idea: Use the attached “faces” handout (one of those sheets with different emotions on faces…) and ask your campaigners any of these questions: Personally How do you feel today? How does your relationship with your parents feel right now? […]