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Wear Your YL Shirt to School Day

This is just plain cool. A senior in high school made a Facebook event to get his friends to all wear their YL shirts on the same day. Well, it caught on to say the least. When I last checked, 23,000+ people have “accepted” the invite to attend. What other […]

Summer Camp Shirts

Like many of us I am starting to look for summer camp shirts. You may have noticed the link on ylhelp about Retro Fashions. Ryan and Kylie at Retro have been active in YL for many years and have worked with our YL area to provide great shirts for all […]

Pre-Club Activity: Photo Booth

My friend Hugh from North Carolina shared a great idea with me. Here is what he suggested… Here’s a quick and dirty pre-club activity:  photo booth.  Set up a camera, leader, backdrop, and some nutty props (theme optional).  As kids arrive at club take pictures of them. Here is a […]

An Idea to Promote Camp and New Kids

My friend Joey and Alex are trying something this semester I thought would be worth passing along. Like most clubs they have a time each week when they introduce any new kids. In each club they will award one point to either the guys or the girls based on who […]