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Man vs. Wyld…Life Club

My friend Amber from Malibu (California, not the resort camp where none of us can ever get assignments, work crew or summer staff at…But I’m not bitter) sent this great club idea along. If you didn’t catch the title, it is a spin on the Man vs. Wild TV show. […]

Breakfast Club

Here is the club we are doing tonight. We will have different kinds of cereal out when kids can arrive to make their own bowl of cereal. Kids are dressing up in PJs. We also might have on some cartoons. We’ll see how it goes!

Jerk Club

Who might be thinking, “jerk club”? I have a bunch of jerks in my club. Well, no I am talking about the dance called, “The Jerk”, or the “Reject” is what I think it is technically called. When I was at camp this summer, I noticed that tons of kids […]

Need Games, Mixers, Run-On Ideas? YLPlaybook!

I ’m sure many of you already know all about YLPlaybook, but if you don’t, you should check it out! It is a growing collection of games, mixers, run-ons, and all kinds of stuff. They are all tagged for easy review. One thing I’m really impressed with about YLPlaybook is […]

Some Club Planning Help for the Semester

Here are some resources that will jump-start your planning if you haven’t already… My preliminary semester club plan:   PHS Spring Club Plans Some plans from my friend Hugh in NC: Semester Club Martix Super Bowl Club Club Flier Also, a great resource for club games, mixers, run-ons, etc. is […]