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Wyldlife Parents Info Magnet–Works Like Magic!

Here is an idea that will really stick with you… Sorry for the pun, but it was too hard to pass up. But really, here is a great idea passed along to my from Tanita Maddox from Santa Barbara, CA… I heard about this from an AD forever ago, and […]

Year-End Plans for Club

After months and months of club, you, your team, and your club kids might be ready for a change. Here are a couple ideas you can use in the last couple weeks of the school year: 1. Leader panel This is mostly a replacement for the club talk. For more […]

Camp Ideas and Links Galore…

In my YL area we are going 110% on camp prep right now. One of our trips is less than two weeks away and another trip is not long after that. Here are some popular re-posts that might help with your camp prep… Camp unity outfits Camp shirts

Camp Resource: Parent Scoop Sheet

I’m always surprised at how few parents actually ask me for details about camp. On the other hand, there are parents who need every detail, and that makes sense to me. Here is out parent scoop sheet for our trip this summer. Feel free to edit or use as you […]