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Camp Ideas and Links Galore…

In my YL area we are going 110% on camp prep right now. One of our trips is less than two weeks away and another trip is not long after that. Here are some popular re-posts that might help with your camp prep… Camp unity outfits http://ylhelp.com/2010/05/30/camp-unity-outfits/ Camp shirts http://ylhelp.com/2010/05/01/summer-camp-shirts/

Camp Unity Outfits

Last summer I wrote a brief post about camp unity outfits. There were some great comments and ideas send in by you too. Thanks! While I was on assignment last summer I tried to take a few pictures of some of the camp unity outfits I saw, so here are […]

Camp Review… Unity Outfits

Almost all the summer YL camps I go to have a day when you have a cabin unity competition that encourages matching cabin uniforms. For some of us, we are running around the day before camp trying to pull something together. I have an idea… Let’s make list of as […]