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Super Bowl Club

Since the Saints pretty much dominated the Cardinals, I’m gonna be rooting for the Saints in the big game. So this Monday we are going to do Super Bowl club with the Super Bowl being the following weekend. Our plans are posted below. Since we haven’t done the club yet, […]

Need Games, Mixers, Run-On Ideas? YLPlaybook!

I ’m sure many of you already know all about YLPlaybook, but if you don’t, you should check it out! It is a growing collection of games, mixers, run-ons, and all kinds of stuff. They are all tagged for easy review. One thing I’m really impressed with about YLPlaybook is […]

Need Club Plans? An Entire Semester of Club Ready to Go!

As the semester gets rolling, so many club teams are sitting down to plan clubs. On YLHelp.com there are plenty of clubs you can check out. To make it easier I have put together a whole semester plan of clubs using existing plans on YLHelp.com. In case you need more, […]