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Mom Club

A few weeks ago we had a lot of fun with mom club. Several people came dressed up like a mom, no offense to you moms out there. We also had some cookies when kids showed up. You could have some milk too to make it special. When kids were […]

Hipster Club

Love it or hate it, the term “hipster” is everywhere. Who else could leverage the hype and still take a well-deserved shot at the silliness of it all than a Monday night YL club? This is an easy one to ask kids to get into: scarves, beanies, flannel, thick-rimmed glasses, […]

March Madness Club

OK my Sun Devils got snubbed and missed out on the big dance. I know they were a bubble team but oh well. At least they are a #1 seed in the NIT. Did I mention that our arch-rivals at the University of Arizona missed the tournament for the first […]

YouTube Club

Here is our plan for tomorrow. Should be interesting! I’m most excited about the skit. I’m sure some of you have used YouTube creatively for club. If you have any ideas, let me know! Here is the file and all the videos you need for this club:

Ohio YL Club Entire Semester Plans

I’m so thankful that I’m getting more and more emails and suggestions from all of you out there! You are all really helping everyone out a ton. Including my clubs! Patrick from Wooster, Ohio sent me his plans from last semester. They include song selections too. I recognize pretty much […]

Olympics Club

The Olympics have always been a strong theme in YL. I’ve seen plenty of programs at camp utilize this theme. One of my favorite was “Speed and Power”. Speed was an overweight guy and Power was a super skinny guy. Gotta love that. I remember my first club skit in […]

Blue Club

Here is our “Blue” club. All the kids dressed in blue, good times! We used the cheap popsicles and just had blue ones at the end. Also we couldn’t find all blue M&Ms, so we had all the colors, but they only got “points” for blue ones. Blue Club