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Fall 2011 Club Plan Overview

Last Saturday we planned out our Fall 2011 clubs. I’ve mentioned it before but here is how we do it: I ask each leader to come with three new fully planned themed clubs (mixer, game, skit, additional fun things to spice it up) I write all of their ideas on […]

Follow “YoungLifeIdeas” on Twitter

For those of you on Twitter, like me, there is a fantastic resource for YL ideas. I’ve been following it for a few months. It was quiet for a little while but has recently been posting some great ideas. I recommend you check it out!

This Year… Cook with Your Kids!

The “This Year…” series looks back at lessons learned in the past year of YL. It will feature several posts and guest posts. Here is one from my friend Tanita from Tucson, AZ… Kids like to cook together–weird thing I learned after I invited 4-5 kids to come over and […]