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Gospel of Luke: Clubs Synchronize Talks This Year

Two things come up over and over on this blog… I like going through the gospels for club talks (and campaigners… see here and here and here) and I like collaboration. It was only a matter of time before I combined the two. This year in our area all of […]

A Call for Boldness – Seniors in their last month

My favorite and least favorite moment of the YL year is being at high school graduations. I see friends walking across the stage, some are brand new creations in Christ, others have become mature disciples, and others are making progress slowly but surely in their faith. But I also find […]

Help I’m Speaking @ Summer Camp: Part 2

A lot has happened since I wrote this post. There were some fantastic comments on the post that were very thought provoking for me. I also went to Woodleaf, where my friend Dave did an excellent job proclaiming the gospel. In fact, he did something very similar to what I […]