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Resources for Senior Leader Training Seminar

I was privileged to teach a seminar at Lost Canyon this weekend on being a Senior Leader. I know that there are a ton of volunteer senior leader / team leaders out there leading teams of missionaries to local schools. Way to go! And if there is anything I can […]

Wear Your YL Shirt to School Day

This is just plain cool. A senior in high school made a Facebook event to get his friends to all wear their YL shirts on the same day. Well, it caught on to say the least. When I last checked, 23,000+ people have “accepted” the invite to attend. What other […]

Facebook Club

Your mom has it. So does your dad. So does grandma and grandpa. Guess who else has it? Every kid that you probably know. Yup. Facebook. 500 million users and over half of active users login every day. I’m no expert but even I saw it coming. Heck, I even […]