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Ok, the real name of this club is “poop” club, but I just couldn’t allow myself to title the post with that. One of our great leaders (certainly not the same person in the picture above) has really really wanted to do this club for a long time. So due […]

Kool-Aide Club

A while back we did “Kool-Aide” club (“oh, yeaaahhh!”). I pretty much didn’t have much more in mind than someone dressed in a Kool-Aide man outfit bursting through a fake wall at club yelling, “Oh yeeaahhh!” As it turns out, a Kool-Aide man outfit is hard to make, but we […]

Club Talk and Campaigners Plan: Luke 4 – This is God’s Year to Act!

A few weeks ago I shared how we are going through the Gospel of Luke, and hopefully Acts as well, this year in our club. I thought I’d pass along a club talk and campaigners lesson I did for our club a few weeks ago. As you may know, we […]

Instagram Club

If you don’t have an Instagram, you probably should! I think a lot of kids will be moving away from Facebook, at least in a certain way, you can read that here. You can also read a ton about how to integrate YL with Instagram here on the excellent post […]

Chipotle On Campus

I briefly mentioned in the past that we have done a Chipotle Club. I don’t know about you but I love Chipotle. I think I even see people doing @totalylmove quotes about Chipotle being a YL staple as much as Chacos and Nalgenes. Our club kids love it too. For […]