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Christmas Campaigners

It may be too late, but I thought I’d pass along our Christmas campaigners time from tonight. We opened, as we always do with a game, then we sang some Christmas carols, did some announcements (including an update on Raju, the Developing Global Leaders student staff we are helping support), […]

Hidden Valley Ranch Taste Test

Our club is finishing up the semester tonight with a Ugly Sweater Christmas party. We begin the night with Christmas cookies, my wonderful wife makes a bunch of cookies and then we let kids decorate them with icing and frosting. We try to keep it clean, but if you are […]

Christmas Talk

I was having an email conversation with my friend Stacy from Santa Barbara about club talks around Christmas. What do you do around Christmas? Do you just do standard club talks, do you change it up? I’ve done a few things, here are a couple ideas: For an incarnation theme, […]