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“War Room” Meeting NOT in the Morning?

For anyone out there who has done a summer camp assignment, I could use your input… Tradition at most YL camps is to have a “war room” room meeting in the morning. Usually this consists of a short devotional and prayer (10-20 minutes), then there is a review of the […]

Camp Ideas and Links Galore…

In my YL area we are going 110% on camp prep right now. One of our trips is less than two weeks away and another trip is not long after that. Here are some popular re-posts that might help with your camp prep… Camp unity outfits Camp shirts

Troy Gray appointed Wyldlives Champion for the Western Division. Also a new camp announcement!

For decades in our efforts to reach a world of kids Young Life has connected with high school kids in our traditional Young Life clubs. “In the past few decades junior high students have been reached with Wyldlife, kids with disabilities have come to love Capernaum Young Life, teen moms […]

Photography tips on taking better pictures at YL events

What do kids like pretty more than anything else? Pictures of themselves! Just check out Facebook… Wait it is called Face book, as in, I want to see my own face. Yes, that is the idea. Random tangent, I almost did a program skit recently that was going to be […]

Camp Unity Outfits

Last summer I wrote a brief post about camp unity outfits. There were some great comments and ideas send in by you too. Thanks! While I was on assignment last summer I tried to take a few pictures of some of the camp unity outfits I saw, so here are […]

Summer Camp Shirts

Like many of us I am starting to look for summer camp shirts. You may have noticed the link on ylhelp about Retro Fashions. Ryan and Kylie at Retro have been active in YL for many years and have worked with our YL area to provide great shirts for all […]

New Resource: Live Like This – Plus a Free Giveaway

For those of you who have followed YLHelp for a while, you probably have seen that I have published a booklet for camp follow-up called Cabin Time Continued. It is a series of 10 Bible studies perfect for when you come home from camp. I’ve seen people use it just […]