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New Resource: Live Like This – Plus a Free Giveaway

For those of you who have followed YLHelp for a while, you probably have seen that I have published a booklet for camp follow-up called Cabin Time Continued. It is a series of 10 Bible studies perfect for when you come home from camp. I’ve seen people use it just […]

Here are a couple links from my friend Andi who is on staff in NorCal. A very cool Google map organized by Bible book, chapter and verse, "It would be great for campaigners". Lots of leaders have never read through the Bible, but want to. This can help […]

Here is a tip… Often a Gospel story will be a little too long to keep kids attention if you read the whole thing. Here are some ideas… Find “break points”. These are places where you can stop to clarify what is happening in the story, any confusing terms (i.e. […]