I can’t quite find where it began, but somewhere in the history of YL the tradition of the “9:38” page or “9:38” list began. A 9:38 list is a list of names you create and you commit to pray for regularly to become “workers for the harvest field.” I found […]

The long-awaited announcement of the candidates for new president of YL have been announced. Two of the well-known candidates have made official statements which can be found here. But, a third and unexpected candidate has been named… This candidate has built his platform for the YL presidency on his statement […]

Turnip for what! One person on the internet slightly smiled at that joke. That person will love this club. A little while back it was difficult to find ideas for clubs. Now there are lots and lots of ideas to be found. Because of this I don’t post many club […]

The value of the word “family” is at an all-time low. While we can measure stats about marriages, how many nights a week families eat together, etc… What I’m talking about is the use of the word itself. How do I know this? Because rarely a day goes by when […]

I would like your help. Personal background: I had several key people pour into me when I became a Christian. The Lord used the intentionality of these people to significantly shape my walk with Christ and also my growth in leadership. My reality: I think I’m only so-so at doing […]

You have been lied to. We all have been lied to. Satan is a liar, not only a liar but the father of lies (John 8:44). C.S. Lewis showed us the wisdom of knowing the schemes of the enemy. Below is a list of 12 lies we battle as a […]

Hey there! It is game time for Spring club plans to come together. Game on. I thought I’d pass along our template for our Spring semester planning meeting this Monday. (File HERE, tips on how to run the meeting HERE, other ideas HERE) I also wanted to pass along the […]

Hey there YLHelp friends, Happy New Year! It has been a while since I wrote the last post. I have been busy on lots of projects which, when they come to fruition, will hopefully help lots of YL friends, I’ll give you the scoop when they are ready. Also, in […]

This club might not make sense if you don’t have a Dutch Bros Coffee in your state. Basically in a lot of states on the west coast Dutch Bros is a rapidly growing coffee shop. Since I don’t drink coffee (never liked the taste) I have no idea if it […]

Talk Tuesday! Posts on the Gospel of John for Club Talks

As I mentioned earlier, I was planning on using Periscope on Tuesday nights at 8:30PM (AZ) to share some ideas about doing club talks through the Gospel of John, one chapter per week. The main reason is to help leaders in my area (and they have been using it, yippee!), […]

It is that time of year when many of us run to the internet to try to find new club songs. I was on that quest myself when I got an email that saved me loads of time. Musician and YL-music-rescue-man S.Martin contacted me and said, “Sean could you use […]

For our first club of the year we did “The Tonight Show Starring Pinnacle Young Life”. We were able to create a fun graphic to get the word out (S/O to Felipe Contreras!), did a few new songs, had a club kid learn the piano music to “thank you notes”, […]