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I hope this post really clicks with you… It probably will if you are a serious nerd like me. In addition to using Bluetooth to wirelessly run our club music, another thing that has helped a lot is to use a remote for our song/announcements presentation on our computer.

If you use a computer to run your slides then you know the challenge of needing someone to be with the computer at all times to: 1) click the next slide, and 2) protect the computer from having a 16 year old guy who has never done a chore in his life mindlessly break almost everything in your club area/house/blinds/piano/guitar/computer (not that I speak from experience anyone doing that to our stuff at club or anything…ahem). All that to say, it is nice to tuck your computer in a safe place and control it remotely.

In the past I tried to use an app called “Slideshark” but honestly it was just bit too cumbersome for us to use on a week-to-week basis, though you might want to give it a look. I also wanted to use Keynote from my iPad but in order to control it remotely you have to use an iPhone/touch with Keynote on it. I have that on my phone but the people I ask to control the presentation don’t always have that so we don’t use that. What works best for us is for me to set it all up and then hand the remote to a junior leader. Here are the two I’ve been using:

1. SMK-Link Pilot Pro Presenter Remote

2. Targus Multimedia Presentation Remote (amp09us)

I’ve used the SMK-Link for years. It is a bit expensive but I really like how basic it is and it simply works. It has a durable case and that helps too for the club environment. I needed to get another one so I bought the Targus one. I wanted one with a shorter receiver and a few more bells and whistles so this was the one. The case is a little less strong and it has more buttons so some may get confused, but so far I like it.

What do you use in club? What works for you? Any leads or tips?

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